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2088 Idlewood Road
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Tucker, Georgia 30084
Phone: 770.270.8800


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You don't get a recorded greeting and invitation to press '3' to hold for the next available whatever. We answer the phone, in person and you get our names. And you can speak to the person you saw last, or last year, or 5 years ago for that matter. So give us a call, you have nothing to lose.


Thin client computing grows up I've been following the evolution of client-side computing off and on for over 20 years. Remember ASCII terminals? Green screens? Beehives? X terminals? If you do, they're most likely dimming memories. New ways for small businesses to advertise online Web analysts have been predicting a boom in online advertising for almost as long as there has been a Web. After years of steady growth in online ads, the long-awaited boom could be just around the corner. Report: Dell Concealed Optiplex Capacitor Issues Dell replaced motherboards on 22 percent of the 21 million Optiplex computers it shipped from 2003 to 2005, due to faulty capacitors on those boards, according to documents unearthed by The New York Times. Will Toshiba's Bit-Patterned Drives Change the HDD Landscape? If you thought recent advances in PC hard drives were something, it's possible you haven't seen anything yet.

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