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The Value of Keeping it Clean Whether home or office, we all know the importance of keeping them clean. Floors vacuumed and mopped. Furniture cleaned and dusted. Trash collected and disposed of. Yet all too often our expensive computers and printers are completely neglected. We see this in the field on a daily basis. Laser printers use toner, and ultra fine powder that eventually coats the inside of your printer resulting in ghosted text, streaks or lines, or overall poor print quality. Computers use from 3 to 9 cooling and exhaust fans to keep the electronics temperatures within tolerance. Because these fans pull outside air in, because most computers sit on the floor the insides will become filled with dust to the point of failure. Printers need the most maintenance because of the many moving parts and parts that wear out through normal use. All users are familiar with replacing toner cartridges (and indeed this can cure many print quality problems) but there are other parts that wear out with continued contact with paper. Pickup rollers, transfer rollers, drums, fusers, output assemblies, everything that moves paper and puts down toner will wear out. You've spent the money to buy the printer and toner; it pays to keep it clean and your documents neat. Computers need their fans and heatsinks kept clean. Even a moderate amount of dust can cause CPUs to overheat resulting in unusual errors and eventual failure. This is where we can help. If you suspect an issue with your equipment due to dirt and dust, we can come clean it. If you need us for something else, ask us to check it out while we're there. Doesn't take but a couple of minutes to take a look but it could save you having to replace the equipment later if it burns out due to overheating.

Tips to shop safely online Online shoppers will spend $52 billion for online holiday purchases this season, a 16 percent jump from last year, according to Forrester Research. Black and white shades of success, tech giants under legal suites The tech world is facing a menace under the garb of ‘healthy competition’. Most of the tech giants are facing lawsuits or harsh blows from rivals in a bid to get ahead in the tech race. E-Readers, the growing fad to read long-form text The number of choices in e-readers has never been this large. Google vs Microsoft: The game becomes filthier Google is enjoying its dominance in the search arena, which is challenged by Microsoft Corp, the software giant, which had updated its search engine with a new Decision Engine, called Bing in June last year.

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